Nahi* (meaning “we” in Apache) works to create designs that help people. Focusing on nonprofits and small businesses we look to bring good design wherever it is needed. We know the issues of working in the non-corporate world. We are here to help within your price point.
We are a woman and minority-owned part-time small business based in Massachusetts and Oregon.
Reilly (Zlab) Martin: (She/Her), current west coaster and Midwest native, who thrives on (internal and external) communications, technology, operations, and giving back to the places she calls home.

Sebastian Ebarb: (He/Him), founder and owner, member of a mixed Choctaw- Apache tribe, and Boston transplant. He spends his free time turning his backyard into a tiny farm.

Our Skills
    •    Brand development
    •    Print and digital design
    •    User experience (research and design)
    •    Design and digital policy
    •    Video and storytelling
    •    Content advisement
    •    Training on design software and user experience
More info
Nahi works to better lives including our own. We are closed for two weeks in the summer and the last two weeks of the year. Please reach out for scheduling information.
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