Prickly Pear packaging
A Sanctuary Cafe
Town of Natick Seal Overview
Read indigenous stories
Sebastian Ebarb + Ginew
Pipestone National Monument
City of Boston Seal
Protect the Scared
New Jersey Indigenous History
MassNow: Mujeres and Menstruators United
Bloom Works Branding
Tania Del Rio for Boston
Harvard IOP Branding
Friends of Elaine Connolly
Beyond AEC
IDD Transform
Mass Oyster Project
The Board of the Massachusetts Oyster Project reached out to us looking for an update of their brand. Mass Oyster is working towards the restoration of native shellfish to our beaches and coastal estuaries. 
Dave Cavell for Congress
Tribal Law Day
Logos & Type
Yoga Love
Yoga Studio in Hudson, NY
Logos & Type
Graphic representation of a small portion of our clients brands.
Elect Elisabeth
Boston Global Climate Summit
Mayor Walsh welcomed mayors across the country and abroad for an International Mayors Climate Summit hosted at Boston University. The summit focused on actions being taken by mayors to address climate change globally and in their own communities. This project was designed outside of Nahi but we thought you would like to see it!
Logos & Type
Graphic representation of a small portion of our clients brands.
Logos & Type
Chandler Torbett for State Senate
Nahi* (meaning “we” in Apache) works to create designs that help people. Focusing on nonprofits, small business, and government we look to bring good design wherever it's needed.
A typeface created for the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation.
Dassara Brooklyn Ramen Branding
This logo and website was designed for a new Brooklyn ramen restaurant. The first of its kind in upscale Cobble Hill, the restaurant blended New York City influence and authentic Japanese flavors in novel dishes like pastrami ramen. My design work reflects this intersection of Brooklyn and Japan in an accessible and modern way.
Song on the End - A typeface
Holmes Fest Branding
This shirt was designed for a corporate team-building event. The typography and design utilize a circus-style type treatment to convey novelty and fun. This project was designed outside of Nahi but we thought you would like to see it!
A playful uppercase bifurcated tuscan typeface.
The Battle of Little Big Horn
For Gail Anderson's Just type class. The project was to create a black and white video made up exclusively of type. enjoy
Foundation Center Ad
FC was looking to get people to their training programs to help clients better understand how to apply for grants. They were looking for a funny and fun video to grab attention in a new way. The idea was sprung to uses a training safety video to create humor and a framework that was framiller and related.
Nahi, Native American Style
Nahi (“we” in Apache) is a line of soft goods inspired and designed by Native Americans. On sale at
Youth of the Beast
I was asked to create a very short title sequence for a film to express the spirit and mood of the movie. The original title sequence was shots of the lead in to the fill with a text overlay. I wanted to bring out the experience that the film projects by using fast moving jazz a cornerstone of the movie. The new title sequence combines this fast pace with a classic look evoking the celebrated film in a more abstract way then the original film titles.
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