We know working in the nonprofit, small business, education, government, education, etc. space can be hard. Hey, we've been there. We started Nahi because we saw the need for design services at a lower price point. Tell us what you can afford and we can tell you how we can help.  

Supporting our community (i.e. pro bono services):
We take on three pro-bono clients per year. If you're interested in getting our help, then we’ll request the following from you:
- Be a registered non-profit.
- Be open, and let us run with solving your problem.
- Be ok with us displaying any work we do for you in our portfolio.
- Have a longer timeline/deadline of at least 3 to 6 months. The sooner the notice, the better.

Causes that we’re passionate about will most likely ‘move to the top of the list’.
These include:
- Native, Black, and/or Brown rights           - Mentoring 
- The advancement/support of women.     - Urban farming
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