In August of 2017, we held a Help for Houston Drive for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We had a tight timeline to hold the drive. Getting the word out to Boston and beyond had to be quick and efficient.

Within just a few hours, we were able to create online graphics and physical posters that were blasted out to the public. We shared these through multiple social media accounts and across the City, and every graphic and poster.

We couldn’t have asked for a better result from our Help for Houston work. Throughout the week, donations poured in. Volunteers filled 10 trucks carrying 250 tons of supplies and donations. It was an incredible feat that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the public. So, thank you!

This was a busy time. Coordinating so many moving parts in a drive like Help for Houston can be hectic, and Emergency Management had a lot on their plate spearheading the effort. But, by staying true to the City of Boston’s brand, we were able to make sure all of those moving parts were connected. We wanted to give you, Boston’s residents, the confidence to know you were donating to a worthy cause. The City’s brand helped us accomplish that goal.

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